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Welcome to Four Winds Trading Company

We provide media products, including music, video, books, audio books, posters, maps, and many other products to retail outlets.

These products are matched to the themes of the retailer, which results in an increase in media product sales at the retail location. This is a concept we call Destination Matching. To find out how we can provide Destination Matched media products for your retail outlet, contact us.

Destination Themes

What is unique and special about your retail destination that attracts visitors? How do you convert visitors into loyal, enthusiastic customers?

Four Winds Trading Company has enjoyed years of experience supporting specialty destination retailers. This valuable experience has reinforced the concept that visitors shop to take home an experience; a physical reminder of the journey. We make it easy for our wholesale customers to search for a rich set of related media products perfectly suited to your location by keyword or themes.

Media Merchandising

Grab the attention of your customers with attractive, effective, media merchandising displays. Four Winds Trading Company offers many options for our wholesale customers to support a successful in-store media program.