Harley Goter

Woof! Harley Goter is the name (yes another family member) and I am the CPO, or as you humans would say Chief Pet Officer. I have been patrolling the halls of Four Winds for the past 6 months, although I wish I could patrol the room where they keep all the tasty food treats! I moved to Colorado from Phoenix, AZ seven years ago and have never looked back. It is such a dog eat dog world out there, I am so glad I get to spend my days at Four Winds. I am so excited to get to work each morning that I cry and shake with excitement on the car ride in. Once I get here I run into everyone’s office to say hi! Sometimes I bark (I try not to but I can’t help myself). I am just so happy to be at the office. I spend my day finding unique places to hang out. Lunch time is my favorite time! Everyone is so nice, if I sit and stare at their feet long enough, they usually will share a bite with me. When other dogs come to visit, I am protective at first, but I am willing to share my family… eventually. Look for my future Blog Posts – I have lots to say about what goes on around here! I love all the new products we are bringing into the company, especially Wyoming Beef Sticks!  I love to go for long walks, sniff, chase bunnies around the office and snuggle up in a lap with anyone who will have me.