About Us

We started with a hope and dream to spread one individual’s passion of Native American culture and wisdom to the Southwestern region of the United States. This vision led to the company we are today. Through our relationships with special market retailers, we expanded our product lines to cover not only Native American topics, but Natural History, Nature/Zoology, Trains/Planes, and the Military, and our product lines continue to expand each day!  We hope to help you spark interest and promote enthusiasm for these topics in your customers. Through our diverse set of products, we are connecting your customers to the interesting parts of the world around us. We are connecting tourist and destination visitors to the unique story each location tells. For a moment, picture the Grand Canyon in your mind. Imagine the sun is setting on the horizon, with the sky painted in bright arrays of oranges, yellows, and reds. Your customer is standing along the railing, taking in this beautiful sight with people from all around the world. In this moment of peace, soft Native American flute music plays from the outside speakers and fills the canyon. This is an experience he will never forget. Feeling refreshed and alive he leaves the railing and walks into the gift shop. Inside, your customer discovers that the music he just heard outside, in that once in a lifetime moment, is available to purchase. Purchasing this CD allows your customer to recreate this beautiful experience any time he plays the CD.  The memory will last forever in his heart.

Four Winds provides an easy and effective one stop shop to maximize your product offerings by matching the correct specialty products to the theme of your retail location. Through our 25 year history, we have become experts in merchandising solutions. Each day, we strive to analyze the customer base and track the product lines that will sell the best in your location keeping your shelves stocked with only the most desired items.

Here at Four Winds Trading, we are “Bringing your favorite destinations, home”.

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